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Town Hall Bakery Breakfast

~ Available All Day (7am - 2pm) ~

Bowl of Granola with milk $6
Town Hall Bakery Oatmeal- a nutritious blend of organic rolled oats, organic wheat flakes, and Wheatena, garnished with brown sugar and currents $6
Everybody Loves Parfait- beautiful layers Door County cherries, honey greek yogurt, and our homemade granola $6 ...cherries may be substituted for seasonal fruit

Breakfast Creations

~All of the following specialty creations are accompanied by a dainty fruit salad and your choice of our homemade toast upon request, 6-Grain Wheat or Swedish Rye~

Peace Pancakes- three buttermilk pancakes $10 Short Stack...$8 add sauteed fruit $2
Happy Flappy- two pancakes stacked with two eggs your way, two strips of bacon, served with a smile...$12 The Henry David- two eggs your way served with oven-roasted potatoes $8
Summer Hash- oven roasted potatoes with sauteed vegetables, topped with cheddar cheese...$9 served with two eggs your way...$12
Colonel Mustard in the Garden- the above Summer Hash topped with our rich tangy mustard cream sauce...$9 served with two eggs your way....$12
Colonel Mustard in the White House- oven roasted potatoes crowned with sauteed mushrooms, ham, onions, swiss cheese, and topped with our famous mustard cream sauce...$10 served with two eggs your way...$13
Return to Forever- fried egg sandwich with cheddar cheese and bacon or veggies...$9
Smoked Whitefish Cakes- served with two eggs your way, oven roasted potatoes, and our homemade remoulade sauce on a bed of spinach....$16

Omelettes... $12

~no substitutions please~

The Lonely Goat Herder- Swiss Cheese, spinach, onion, and sausage topped with tomatoes.
The Mona Lisa- fresh tomato, onion, zucchini, garlic, and basil with our special Feta Blend.
The Edwin- ham, peppers, onions, and Cheddar Cheese.
The Olive Oiylle- spinach, bacon, onions, and our Feta Blend topped with tomatoes.
The Eleanor Roosevelt- a stately omelette with ham, mushrooms, onion, swiss cheese, and Door County asparagus with our famous mustard cream sauce.
The You- an omelette of your creation with any 3 ingredients from the above dishes. Add additional veggies for $.50, or meats for $.75

*Add $2 for egg white omelettes

Two Eggs...$3 Whitefish Cake...$6 Pancake...$3 Fruit...$6
Potatoes...$3 Sausage or Bacon...$4 Yogurt...$3 Toast...$2
The Ben (Side of Skittles)...$2

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